Advantages and functions of Z-section steel in steel structure house

Z-shaped steel purlins are easy to transport. Under the same volume, more Z-shaped purlins can be transported, so that the transportation cost per unit purlin is reduced; Section height, to achieve the purpose of saving material.

Z-shaped steel purlin plays an important role in steel structure houses

Z-shaped steel purlins are formed by cold-formed thin-walled steel at room temperature, and the material will have a cold-formed effect. Z-shaped steel purlins are suitable for various aspects such as roofing and wall beams in steel structure engineering. When it comes to bracing, it generally refers to the round steel that ties the steel purlin. To be honest, it is the thick steel bar. The section forms of steel purlins are generally H-shaped steel, C-shaped, Z-shaped, etc., which are used to reduce the span of the roof panel and fix the roof panel. There are many advantages of steel structure. Although the bulk density of steel structure is relatively large, its strength is much higher than that of other building materials.

Common specifications and prices of Z-shaped steel purlins

Commonly used steel purlins are Z-shaped steel purlins, which can be produced with a width of 140-300mm. The thickness of purlins that can be produced is 1.8-2.75mm. Customers can choose suitable steel purlin specifications and models according to the specific requirements of the project. (including raw material specifications, materials, origin, number of galvanized layers, etc.). The price of steel purlin The price of steel purlin will vary due to the influence of the thickness and width of the steel purlin, as well as the specifications, materials, origin, number of galvanized layers and other factors of the raw materials.

Z-shaped steel purlins are often used in steel structure engineering

At present, steel structure engineering can be said to be paid more and more attention by people, and the steel structure components are divided in detail. Today, let’s talk about steel purlins. Steel purlins are processed by cold bending of hot coils. They have thin walls and light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. Common steel purlins include Z-shaped steel purlins, C-shaped steel purlins, truss purlins, etc. Steel purlins are the secondary load-bearing components in the roof structure system, which transmit the roof load to the steel frame.

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Today we send aluminum window frame and some steel structure parts to Papua New Guinea. As the picture shown, we adopt open top cabinet .The following is our lifting process:

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