500 Tons Municipal Steel Framing Street Light Poles And Brackets Traffic Light Guideboards Billboard

Our company won the bid for the 500-ton municipal road sign project at the end of 2021. The project mainly includes steel structure bracket structural parts, gantry, ordinary street light poles, street lights, electric police, signal light combined poles and high pole light pole road sign poles.


Our company is a professional manufacturer of custom Steel Structural Supports for Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals. Products include but not limited to traffic signal poles, traffic sign gantry, monitoring poles, octagonal poles, lighting poles, lattice towers, A-frames, bridges, highway sign structures and allied accessories. Industries served include architecture, transportation and utility.


Traffic signal poles are specially designed for roadway and intersection requirements, usually, to meet local road authority or council specifications. The Traffic Signal range from us are designed for standard and specialised signal and lighting applications, fabricated using various process like bending, forming, welding, hot dip galvanization and powder coating.


Traffic Signal poles can be either base plate or in-ground mounted, depending on the relevant authority’s requirements.The poles are hot dip galvanized and can be powder coated or painted in the colour of your choice, available in tapered round, tapered octagonal, and circular hollow section.


Post time: Feb-24-2022
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