• Australia Standard Prefab Expandable Container House Exported to New Zealand Market

    Australia Standard Prefab Expandable Container House  Exported to New Zealand Market An expandable house delivery typically refers to the delivery of a modular home that can be expanded or customized over time as the needs of the homeowner change. These homes are designed to be flexible, with pre...
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  • New Zealand 300 sets staff house project Today we received the dormitory on-site picture sent by our New Zealand customer last year. Prefabricated homes are an important part of the American housing market. There are many advantages to building a house in a factory. For exam...
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  • China (UAE)Trade Fair 2022

    We Thank You All For Spending Your Time Visiting Our Booth In Dubai 2022. it Was A Great Pleasure To Meet All Of You And It Was A Fine Opportunity To Present Our Collections And Business Lines. for Any Questions Or Information You May Have Following The Exhibition, Please Do Not Hesitate To Conta...
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  • 6 Common Types of Glass for Windows

    1. Float Glass To fully understand the various types of glass, you need to first understand float glass. Float glass is just regular fragile glass, and it is made from molten glass. The molten glass is poured into a tin, which allows it to take the shape of large glass panels. This float glass i...
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  • Benefits of Glass Balustrades

    One major benefit of installing glass balustrades is its ability to add a touch of modern sophistication to any building that it is fitted in. This will also be useful for you when you plan to sell your house as you will get a good amount of money during resale. This type of house beautification ...
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  • Doors and Windows from Ningbo to Papua New Guinea today

    Doors and Windows from Ningbo to Papua New Guinea today

          3 reasons to choose aluminium windows and doors Aluminium windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary buildings, both from a residential and commercial standpoint. If you would like to upgrade the levels of security, insulation or aesthetics...
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  • What is Metal carved panel and its application?

    Carved Metal Insulation Board Metal Caving Wall Panel The carved metal insulation board is composed of three parts: surface material, core material and inner material. Its advantages are: long-term beauty, good sound insulation and flame retardant performance, strong thermal insulation performanc...
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  • How to maintain the aluminum sliding door

    In daily life, many consumers choose aluminum sliding door, it is low carbon environmental protection, moderate price, and decorative strong, suitable for installation in the bathroom, kitchen and other humid environment. It is strong, color, glass types are more, at the same time than other type...
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  • Isolation container house shipping to Karachi

    All shipping containers are the same width, and most have two standard height and length measurements. As such, they provide modular elements that can be combined into larger structures. This simplifies design, planning, and transport. As they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobilit...
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  • Why Choose Temporary Bailey Bridge?

    Why Choose Temporary Bailey Bridge? – Easy to Disassemble We use the temporary bridge when the existing bridge needs to be replaced or temporarily damaged, or when cast-in-place beam support is needed during large-scale bridge construction and other circumstances. But when the original bridge rep...
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  • Feedback from the Australian villa project customer — glass curtain wall for three advantages

    Feedback from the Australian villa project customer — glass curtain wall for three advantages

    Feedback from the Australian villa project customer. The villa uses a glass curtain wall for three advantages 1. It is more practical Its design is also very unique, more beautiful in shape. It has certain aesthetic function. In particular, its structure is unique, there are single layer glass, t...
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  • The superior performance of laminated glass

    Laminated glass, also known as laminated glass, is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between a layer or multiple layers of organic polymer intermediate film, after special high temperature prepressing (or vacuuming) and high temperature and high pressure process treatment, so th...
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